For whatever reason, be it choice or being fooled, you were damned to The Nine Hells to suffer for your sins that weight against your heart. In Hell, your soul was tortured and flayed, til every memory of your former life was forcefully taken from you for energy. As an empty husk of your former self, you were cast into the Maggot Pit to be twisted into the wretched form of a Lemure.
As a mindless Lemure, you plodded around and fought in The Blood War, somehow survived, and proved yourself useful enough to your superiors to be gifted with a Promotion to the form of a Spined Devil. After many missions and a seemingly limitless amount of time, you further proved your worth and were given another promotion into the form of a Bearded Devil.
Still shaken from the painful transformation, you are given a new mission with the promise of greatness waiting at its end.

The Method

My idea for this game is to have a game that can be run mostly through e-mail and forums, only getting together for combat at each person’s convince. I also want this game to be more politics and thought based rather than smash. However, if you prefer a smash based game, there is opportunity to do that.
I’d like you all to write up a Mortal that was tempted into selling their soul to a Devil. Once a soul is damned to hell, and its Soul-derived energy is harvested, it is used to create a new devil. You will be playing a devil that came from the character you write up’s soul. Devils have some of the memories of the soul that crated them, though they rarely share them with other devils. This information will come into play, however, so it’s to your benefit to write at least something. You can, if you so desire, come up with interesting or cool things you did as a Spined Devil that earned you your Promotion into the ranks of the Bearded Devils.
The vast majority of the game will be politicing and intrigue with an overall goal of replacing one of the Archdukes with yourself.

Rise of Darkness